Mizuki Nana’s latest album. 

Same as Decade I had drag this out for far too long and I want to finish it up ASAP haha. This would be my first review of a Nana’s album so bear with it haha.

Album CD/Jacket

I really love the Limited Edition BD version cover and the packaging. I would say this up a notch from fripSide’s album release but that could be explained for since Nana does have considerable much star power over fripSide… Anyway the CD and Jacket was gorgeous with a photo book included. Nana seems not to age at all but perhaps that magic of Photoshop hehe. Regardless I love the packaging and the cover with the hard cover sleeve being such a nice thought.

Track Contents and Listing

Similar to fripSide’s Decade I would be doing a song by song run through.

1. アヴァロンの王冠 (Avalon No Oukan)

This songs sound right out of a epic from the start to the end haha. It would have fitted into a medieval themed anime perfectly IMO haha. Not the usual Nana’s arrangement (from what I HAD heard!) but I love it. Sometimes some risks would be nice =).

2. Naked Soldier

This sounds more like the standard Nana I am used to. Not a very special song but with Nana’s vocals its a good listen.

3. Get my Drift?

Now this sounds more of a quirky song from Nana. Its like fripSide’s quirky ‘a silent voice’ but like it is a great song. Once again Nana’s vocals help =)

4. Lovely Fruit

Being the promotional song out of the album I would say it’s a unique choice haha. It does not really reflect the album composition but it’s sure a good song! It’s a very upbeat cute song from Nana haha. I am not usually a fan of Kawaii songs but this is an exception. Might sound weird during the first listen but it has grown on me =)

5. ダーリンプラスティック (Darling Plastic)

A filler album song for sure. Nana sounded kinda lazy somehow (maybe it’s just slow) but oh well. A good listen but forgettable too. Nana vocals save it from being boring for sure.


As if to revitalise bored listeners from Darling, BRIGHT STREAM follows up with the usual “catchy but it works” formula for Nana. A Nanoha song doesn’t hurt too haha. Love this song and caught it live on Kohaku Uta Gassen 2012. Nana sang it so well in live!

7. 星屑シンフォニー (Hoshikuzu Symphony)

A cheery and kinda cute song from Nana again. Very christmas like song from nana too. I love the build up to the chorus and it is growing on me for sure. Good follow up for BRIGHT STREAM.


A very rock and synth song. Been quite sometime since Synchrogazer that I heard something like this from Nana. Good song as I am a fan of synths and everything haha. Might be too loud for others though.


A ballad follows up after the punch of LINKAGE. Weird combo but I love Nana’s ballad. There are full of emotions and her voice sounds just so nice on ballads (Shin Ai). This song follows the vein of Shin Ai but more mid tempo.

10. Synchrogazer -Aufwachen Form-

Nothing’s changed from it’s original release just that it have a long original intro from the original that leads up the song epic actual intro nicely. Seems to be taken from the anime that first few seconds of new lead up. One of the best Nana’s songs IMO and I absolutely love it.

11. Crescent Child

Yet another album filler like song. Some quirks in the arrangement but only Nana’s vocals really shone. Safe route I guess.

12. 奇跡のメロディア (Kiseki No Melody)

A very organ theme rings through out the song and the standard arrangement I have been hearing from Nana. I love the organ theme but other then that a general good but not stand out song.


I didn’t listen to it when it first came out so I am listening to it as part of the album. As usual good song (with Nana in it how would a song go bad!) but forgettable compared to like Synchrogazer and Lovely Fruit.

14. Happy☆Go-Round!

A happy and upbeat song! If you are feeling down this song is sure to perk you up. Typical upbeat cheery arrangement but Nana’s cute vocals stands out so much too haha.

15. Sacred Force -Extended Mix-

This song does under go changes compared to the original. Basically it’s more synthy and loud then the original IMO hence I love it better. Fans of the original may feel differently though…

16. 約束 (Yakusoku)

Closing out the album is a slow tempo ballad from Nana. Hearing it almost seems to be like Nana is thanking us for listening till the end and promising more for us! I am a fan of ballads hence I love this too. The simple arrangement make Nana’s vocals really shine. Good closure.


Basically Nana’s latest album is a great one with a few safe routes taken generally and some album filler songs being jus fillers for the sake of being there. That being said I think most albums suffer from this haha. Nonetheless great release from Nana and I am glad I picked this up when I was in Japan.

I would do a BD review once I am free but I am prioritising Saimoe stuff since the season is kicking up soon. Not to mention fripSide’s release and Railgun S too. Thanks for reading this latest post and wait for my next post soon!


  1. If Linkage or Synchrogazer are too loud, one might turn the volume down ♪♪(o*゜∇゜)o~♪♪
    Anyways, I do think this was a great album as well. Too bad SCARLET KNIGHT wasn’t included here, it would make a great pairing with Avalon no Oukan (which translates to Crown of Avalon, by the way. Pretty epic.).

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