ISML Aquamarine 2013

The time has come. Aquamarine beckons again.


ISML 2013 have officially reaching it’s first necklace battle of the season. I didn’t blog about the pre season and all cause I was not very interested in it and mainly cause those that I personally think stands having the tiara chance all sailed through the preliminary rounds anyway. No offence but Tier One contenders are just Tier One.

Moving on, I have tried designing a simple and ‘flat’ kind of banner for this year’s Aquamarine event and sorry if it seemed too plain or boring. I am a fan of simple and flat interfaces and I do not know how to work with image too hence I decided to just input some basic shapes and typography haha. Might try to think of doing something else for Topaz.

Well Anyway, here are the participants:



Kanade rolls on forward from last year’s Tiara win and maybe ISML first repeat champion if she keep this up. With such a high SDO and fan base it is hard to see why would she fail to keep and defend this necklace. Furthermore for three years running the winner of Aquamarine have become the Tiara holder and this would certainly be a good indication of the strongest one this early.

That being said Kobato is hot behind Kanade’s heels in terms of SDO and she may just caused an upset by using voter’s choice to have new winners of necklaces every now and then. Either case it would be an inter Hana-Kana camp fight this time round and I am predicting that Kanade will prevail.

As for the rest, Kuroyukihime and Shiina Mashiro have done very well thus far with both boasting relatively high SDOs but given the fierce fight or support from Hana Kana camps it is unlikely the two will spoil the party. Kuroneko and Taiga round up the remaining perfect scorers thus far but their weak SDO will work against them even if they garner voters from the Hana-Kana split (which I do not think will happen anyway).

Kirino rounds up the 7 contending for the necklace but her low SDO and her being the wildcard entry is sad to say just a filler combatant for the necklace. Well at least she is one of the 7 to battle it out for the first necklace =).

My Pick: Kuroyukihime

My Prediction: Tachibana Kanade

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