New Year. Yet Another ISML.

Hi All!

As you can see my blog has been in hiatus since 2013 and MIA for at least 1.5 years! This is because of my commitments else where and simply put I lost some interest in Saimoe especially since 2014 Anime Saimoe was a total mess. Thankfully ISML is still running strong and I will be giving coverage once again for ISML this year!

BUT! Because I haven’t been catching up new Anime nowadays (Imma getting old for sure!), pardon me if I analyse any stats incorrectly or is unfamiliar with the new characters! For starters I will only give regular coverage of Necklace matches and Preliminary results. So if you are expecting posts for EVERY match I can’t do it (as I am only human!) but I hope to restart the blog and be engaged in ISML once again!

That’s all from me!! If there is any suggestions or new stuff you hope I can cover lemme know! Or if you simply want to recommend me an anime (new ones!) do lemme know too so I can do some catching up!

See you all soon!

NOTE: ISML Nomination Period will start March 1st 2015!

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